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A Very Us Conversation

Very Us Artist superstar, rehabilitation Joshua Wentz, hospital puts out a quarterly ’zine called HEY! Quarterly. The latest issue, HEY Junction!, has just come out, and it features a heated conversation between HEY and VUA. Only one can survive. And it’s three against one.

HEY Junction!

To read this remotely-conducted bloodbath, get yourself a copy today. And the logomachical showdown between him and us is only a drop in the bucket of all the cool stuff you’ll find between (and on!) the covers. There are contributions from several other Very Us Artists in there, too. It’s only $12 and all the proceeds go to charity, specifically The Anti-Cruelty Society. Being rather unfond of cruelty, your animal friends will admire you for it.Order HEY Junction!or even better: Subscribe to HEY! Quarterly(Either way you’ll be a hero to your animal friends.)

2 Responses to “A Very Us Conversation”

  1. Mike O'Hara Says:

    Awesome! I’ll pick up a copy of hey. My dog Doris will love me even more! Peace! Glad to see more VUA activity!

  2. The Very Us Artists Says:

    Good for you, Mike! And hey, when the next HEY Quarterly topic is announced, you should definitely be submitting artwork!!

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