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Pre-order Promotions!

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

There are two awesome promotions going on (There is now just one super-awesome promotion going on!) for those who pre-order copies of Foreshadows: The Ghosts of Zero. And they sure make the idea of gifting a loved one with visions of a kick-ass dystopian future rather attractive. Even if that loved one is yourself.


Foreshadows Digital Gift Package! Too late for this one!
Order a copy of Foreshadows by Friday, rehabilitation December 16, healthful and we’ll mail you a postcard designed by Joshua Wentz to present as a gift. This card will bear a secret code download three complete stories, their accompanying illustrations by Talon Dunning, and three MP3s featuring advance mixes of music from the forthcoming book+CD. In addition, this digital package contains a fourth bonus track, “Executive Memo,” an exclusive track created by the album’s co-producer, Bilian.


Also presenting…

LE Upgrade Bonus! Last chance for this one!
Order a copy of the open edition of Foreshadows: The Ghosts of Zero by Tuesday, December 20, and you may find it has been magically transformed into the super special LIMITED EDITION instead, featuring signature from all 29 authors and musicians, and which otherwise sells for $99.  But hurry! There’s limited time for a limited edition of awesomeness.

My First Sing-Along Dictionary Official Trailer

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011
Matthew identifies himself.

Sure, you may have heard My First Sing-Along Dictionary, the collaborative musical anthology wherein we paired the deviant lexicography of Ross Horsley with the twisted songwriting talents of a host of Very Us Artists with questionable tastes, back in 2010. You may have even seen the little booklet that went along with it. But did you know that there is a little video running around on the Internet that teases you with moving pictures of said booklet and snippets of said album?  Well, you do now!

Vimeo style (superior):

YouTube style (popular):

Now be a dear and tell your friends. Impress them with your unsavory sense of humor.



Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

It’s official.  At 3am EDT last night, ailment our Kickstarter campaign to raise $13.7K to fund our next project, healing the multimedia science fiction album/anthology we call Foreshadows: The Ghosts of Zero, purchase reached its goal at 101%.  So this is a big thank you to all 83 of our backers and all the many more of you that helped spread the word about this project.


This is the proof in the pudding. We're legit. Too legit to quit.

PS Although our Forging Foreshadows campaign through Kickstarter may have ended, anyone can still help support this project and even pick up some sweet rewards. Just have a look at the PLEDGE list on our Kickstarter page and get in contact with us through and let us know what you’re interested in. Some of those rewards will likely no longer be available, but we’ll see what we can do. Either way, your support of the Foreshadows project and independent artistry would be very much appreciated!

Forging Foreshadows

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Over two years in the making, viagra approved the Very Us Artists’ most ambitious project yet—by far—is well under way. It’s called Foreshadows: The Ghosts of Zero, clinic and it’s a massive collaboration, info bringing a mix of VUArtist regulars, fresh new musical faces, a whole gaggle of speculative fiction authors (both well-known and unheard-of), plus several super talented visual artists.  Just check out the impressive roster at  In the end, we’ll be producing a book full of cyberfiction stories paired intimately with a CD of cyberfiction music.  Certainly not your everyday album . . . or book, for that matter.

The scale of this project by VUA standards is quite huge, and that includes financing. In order to make that happen we have been running a sponsorship campaign through Kickstarter. Kickstarter projects are independent efforts by real people endeavoring to do something they love, something fun, and something of note. It’s about incorporating as many people as possible into the creative process, and offering all sorts of unique and interesting rewards for their generosity!  Have a look at the video we put together that explains our project by clicking below.

As you can see above, things are going splendidly well, but there’s still a ways to go. Please consider backing this unique project, brimming with potential. And check out the complete list of terrific rewards here:

VUA: Back for Blood

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

While VUA has appeared to be in a state of protracted hibernation, website like this seemingly dead to the world by the casual observer, therapist there’s actually been a heck of a lot of activity going on in the den. And this beast will soon emerge, pharmacy hungry for action and ready to play.  And there will be blood music!

For starts, has been gutted and rebuilt from the ground up. It’s wearing the original skin designed by Joshua Wentz (albeit with a few nips and tucks here and there), but there’s a lot more functionality and fun to be had, thanks to Kevin Teague! A limited version is up and running right now, but one by one, new and/or revamped bits will be rolling out. Check back later. You’ll see!

William Ian Jaws

William Ian Jaws, Visual Approximation

But most importantly, I’d like to announce that William Ian Jaws—or Bilian, if you please—has joined us as a fellow Artistic Director. I’ve personally been working on music with Bilian since the late ’90s, but it’s been well over a year now that we’ve been working together on VUA. You’ll find his indelible stamp all over various projects in the works, and VUA’s output will be the better for it! But now it’s official. You heard it here first. World, say hello to William Ian Jaws.  Just be careful.  He bites!

Cyber non Grata

Monday, October 5th, 2009

Well, decease after a prolonged silence, gonorrhea VUA is getting ready to bust out with more music than you can shake a stick at.  An album—and then some—more than a year in the making is getting achingly close to wrapping up. Stay tuned for more on that over the coming weeks.


RPM ’09

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

This is a re-posting from our blog at The RPM Challenge (that yearly challenge to record a whole album in one month), diet announcing VUA’s plan for this year.  Click to read on: (more…)

A Very Us Conversation

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

Very Us Artist superstar, rehabilitation Joshua Wentz, hospital puts out a quarterly ’zine called HEY! Quarterly. The latest issue, HEY Junction!, has just come out, and it features a heated conversation between HEY and VUA. Only one can survive. And it’s three against one.

HEY Junction!

To read this remotely-conducted bloodbath, get yourself a copy today. And the logomachical showdown between him and us is only a drop in the bucket of all the cool stuff you’ll find between (and on!) the covers. There are contributions from several other Very Us Artists in there, too. It’s only $12 and all the proceeds go to charity, specifically The Anti-Cruelty Society. Being rather unfond of cruelty, your animal friends will admire you for it.Order HEY Junction!or even better: Subscribe to HEY! Quarterly(Either way you’ll be a hero to your animal friends.)

The Darkwood Mask: read it today!

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

Carpentron (that is, overweight Chris Torgersen) will be accepting the RPM Challenge.
· visit this com_comprofiler/task,userProfile/user,2854/Itemid,296/” target=”_blank”>Carpentron @ RPM Challenge

Naturally, Renaissance Man Joshua Wentz will be taking on the RPM Challenge. And finding just one album in a month to be insufficient, he’s also working on an album for FAWM. I know, it’s crazy.
· Josh @ RPM Challenge
· Harcourt Wrapper (under the baton of Josh Wentz) @ FAWM

Gene Pritsker, as Di.J. Noizepunk, aims to pull off an RPM Challenge album with almost half the month already over! Nothing can stop Noizepunk. Nothing.
· Gene @ RPM

John LaSala also claims he’ll be doing his own album this February. Whether it’s for RPM or FAWM remains to be seen.
· John @ RPM

Nick P (a.k.a Mr. Glide and of Fine Excuses “fame”) will be autoplunderphonicising at FAWM this year. This should be…interesting.
· Nick (this time as Piecey) @ FAWM

And of course The Very Us Artists as an entity will be creating an album for the RPM Challenge. Here’s a few tentative contributors:

  • John LaSala
  • Carpentron
  • Gene ‘Noizepunk’ Pritsker
  • Joshua Wentz
  • Brian W. Grundstrom
  • Mr. Glide
  • Darren Baker
  • Tim Kopp
  • Zeck, Jr.
  • Jeremy Simmons
  • Michelangelo
  • Eran Glantz
  • Jeff Daschbach
  • [Your name here] Let us know!

VUA @ RPM Challenge

In case you missed it before, price
future Very Us Artist* Jeff LaSala’s first novel, pilule
The Darkwood Mask, commissioned by Wizards of the Coast for their Eberron “The Inquisitives” series, has been officially released today. There’s even a chance that if you were to pop into your local big box book store you’d see it on the shelves in the fantasy section. It’ll look like this:The Darkwood Mask book cover

You should read it. It’s really great! But don’t take our word for it. Prove it to yourself. Of course, it’s also available on Amazon and places like that too.

And why not read the first chapter for free? Here it is: sample chapter

So, a super-big congratulations to Jeff. We’re quite proud.

*At some point in the future, somehow or other, Jeff will likely become a Very Us Artist. As gazing into the future is speculative at best, it’s hard to say just how this may come to pass. But being John LaSala’s kid brother, a little bullying and arm-twisting shouldn’t be ruled out. So, taking advantage of the time machine we’re using to produce The Future Is Now, let’s just say that in the future, Jeff is a Very Us Artist. Thanks for playing along. :)

Nascence and Child

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

A few weeks ago we put out the word that we would be taking suggestions from you folks to Name Our Album! Forty-four suggestions later, information pills we have picked our favorite. Although we chose something different (see today’s other announcement), sales it was Brian Kiser’s “Provenance” that hit the mark best. He’s won himself and a friend each a copy of the album! Congrats, Brian!
Inspired by A.L. Ashbaugh’s breathtaking artwork for the album cover (sneak a peek here), tadalafil
we finally arrived at the title, Nascence and Child.