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Existential Lullaby

Future Very Us Artist* Jeff LaSala‘s first novel, viagra here The Darkwood Mask, commissioned by Wizards of the Coast for their Eberron “The Inquisitives” series, will be officially released on March 4th. As that date approaches, you can bet we’ll be abusingstretching the definition of this forum to talk about it some more. But here’s the book cover for starts:

The Darkwood Mask book cover

*At some point in the future, somehow or other, Jeff will likely become a Very Us Artist. As gazing into the future is speculative at best, it’s hard to say just how this may come to pass. But being John LaSala‘s kid brother, a little bullying and arm-twisting shouldn’t be ruled out. So, taking advantage of the time machine we’re using to produce The Future Is Now, let’s just say that in the future, Jeff is a Very Us Artist. Thanks for playing along. :)
VUA founding member and frequent contributor Carpentron (aka Chris Torgersen) has been awarded symptoms
January 10th, for the entire Rock genre at This is the third time his song “Existential Lullaby” has received an award. It was also Experimental Rock Track of the Week last September and Track of the Day the previous May.

The track has been working its way up the charts there since early summer and is currently ranked ninth on the Experimental Rock chart (247th in Rock). You can check it out, along with others from Carpentron, at either of these locations:

Also, John says that this Perry Bible Fellowship cartoon always reminds him of “Existential Lullaby”:

(click to enlarge)
Billy the Bunny

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