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My First Sing-Along Dictionary

We'll beat Jeremy with a stick.

We'll beat Jeremy with a stick.

In brief

Here it is finished, gerontologist wholly, and ready for your questionable pleasure. My First Sing-Along Dictionary, the little project that began with the 2010 RPM Challenge and wrapped up last week with the addition of a very special bonus track, may be heard, seen, reviled or marveled at—and either way, sung along with—at You can listen right on the page and even flip through a digital version of the accompanying book. Or you can download them all, either one by one or in one big ZIP file, whatever your pleasure. It’s all there, all free!



“What’s this about a bonus track?” we pretend to hear you ask. Well you see, a few weeks ago Ross Horsley (a chief corrupter upon our impressionable minds, who also has a book coming about based on the My First Dictionary blog, by the way!) held a caption competition for the image to the left. And the winner’s submission was to be turned into a song—a bonus track for the album.

What we sent Richard

This is what we sent Richard, it's the only one like it!

Well, the mildly disturbed Richard Smith of Leeds was dubbed a supra-genius for his My First Dictionary-style definition of “anonymous,” and so Leicester’s one and only ButterflyPolite did us the honors with the Johnny-come-lately “This Song Is Anonymous (We Do Not Know Its Name).” It’s a laugh-riot. So do check it out!

Give us a shout out

Now, if you like our little record—and our little book—do us a favor and tell a friend. Better yet, tell an enemy. Tell a member of the Academy. We’d really love a Grammy, if only to further enrage Stephen Colbert for taking his Best Comedy Album award this year.

VUA On Notice

Thanks for reading. Very impressive. Now go download this album, if you haven’t already.  It’s free!

2 Responses to “My First Sing-Along Dictionary”

  1. Richard Smith Says:

    Your mule safely got through customs and delivered the package in question today. After only a little cleaning it was ready to play, and fine material it is too.

    Keep up the good work!

    “Carlos” mentioned something about having difficulty hiding the Golden Ticket, but Sr La Sala insisted. I’d wait a while before getting him to do another job for you…

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