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Roughly Produced Masterpieces

neuropathist com_comprofiler/task, sildenafil userProfile/user, epidemic 3075″>On February 1st, the Very Us Artists entered the annual RPM Challenge to write and record 10 tracks or 35 minutes’ worth of music before the month was up. We met—nay, surpassed!—that challenge and made quite a few new friends along the way. The result is eleven—count ‘em: eleven!—albums of brand new music from several Very Us Artists, most of it free for download. Below is ours. A quick review of many of the other then can be found right here: VUA’s Challengees

Roughly Produced Masterpieces is our wildly eclectic offering, 16 tracks strong, with contributions from merely six previous Very Us Artists (though for John LaSala and Jeremy Simmons, this marks their first solo contributions.) Five others are folks we’ve been actively courting to get on a VUA album, and the remaining five are new artists we met through the amazingly positive and encouraging RPM community. Our cover art was an original painting by Christine Pollock. We took exhaustive pictures and sent RPM the original, making it a truly unique album.You can download all the music and read up on all the music and the artists who created it here: Roughly Produced Masterpieces

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  1. Jw Says:

    Awesome! I just gave it my third listen through, and Roughly Produced Masterpieces is a fantastic collection of diverse tracks. I’m amazed at what everyone came up with.

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