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The Children of Nascence

Our next album, viagra here due to be released in the distant future-year of two thousand and eight, ed will be a curious thing, indeed. Very Us Artists will be channeling sights and sounds from the future and serving them up in the form of the next VUA offering, The Future Is Now. If you’d like to be among these daring artists willing to peer into realms beyond the now, get in touch.
Nascence and Child is now on sale. Read all about it, price
listen to samples, or buy it now!
The first official Very Us Artists album will be graced with the artwork of fantasy artist and photographer A. L. Ashbaugh. If you check out some of her past work, search
you’ll see just why.
In less than two very busy weeks, approved
Nascence and Child will “drop, otolaryngologist
” as the kids say. And the official artist list is out.  Check it right here.  Among the musicians can be found a girl who played “Walk This Way” for DMC, singers who toured extensively with Blackmore’s Night, a man whose son demands to be addressed as “Spiderman” (while in costume, anyway), a pair of mysterious Nordics who we suspect to be cyborgs, a composer as comfortable with hip-hop as Dvořák (and ain’t afraid to mix ‘em up!), a one-woman orchestra for an Anglo-American pantomime company, an amateur plate-spinner (considering going pro), and an honest-to-goodness Brit!  Yes, this is going to be an interesting album.

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