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The Darkwood Mask: read it today!

Carpentron (that is, overweight Chris Torgersen) will be accepting the RPM Challenge.
· visit this com_comprofiler/task,userProfile/user,2854/Itemid,296/” target=”_blank”>Carpentron @ RPM Challenge

Naturally, Renaissance Man Joshua Wentz will be taking on the RPM Challenge. And finding just one album in a month to be insufficient, he’s also working on an album for FAWM. I know, it’s crazy.
· Josh @ RPM Challenge
· Harcourt Wrapper (under the baton of Josh Wentz) @ FAWM

Gene Pritsker, as Di.J. Noizepunk, aims to pull off an RPM Challenge album with almost half the month already over! Nothing can stop Noizepunk. Nothing.
· Gene @ RPM

John LaSala also claims he’ll be doing his own album this February. Whether it’s for RPM or FAWM remains to be seen.
· John @ RPM

Nick P (a.k.a Mr. Glide and of Fine Excuses “fame”) will be autoplunderphonicising at FAWM this year. This should be…interesting.
· Nick (this time as Piecey) @ FAWM

And of course The Very Us Artists as an entity will be creating an album for the RPM Challenge. Here’s a few tentative contributors:

  • John LaSala
  • Carpentron
  • Gene ‘Noizepunk’ Pritsker
  • Joshua Wentz
  • Brian W. Grundstrom
  • Mr. Glide
  • Darren Baker
  • Tim Kopp
  • Zeck, Jr.
  • Jeremy Simmons
  • Michelangelo
  • Eran Glantz
  • Jeff Daschbach
  • [Your name here] Let us know!

VUA @ RPM Challenge

In case you missed it before, price
future Very Us Artist* Jeff LaSala’s first novel, pilule
The Darkwood Mask, commissioned by Wizards of the Coast for their Eberron “The Inquisitives” series, has been officially released today. There’s even a chance that if you were to pop into your local big box book store you’d see it on the shelves in the fantasy section. It’ll look like this:The Darkwood Mask book cover

You should read it. It’s really great! But don’t take our word for it. Prove it to yourself. Of course, it’s also available on Amazon and places like that too.

And why not read the first chapter for free? Here it is: sample chapter

So, a super-big congratulations to Jeff. We’re quite proud.

*At some point in the future, somehow or other, Jeff will likely become a Very Us Artist. As gazing into the future is speculative at best, it’s hard to say just how this may come to pass. But being John LaSala’s kid brother, a little bullying and arm-twisting shouldn’t be ruled out. So, taking advantage of the time machine we’re using to produce The Future Is Now, let’s just say that in the future, Jeff is a Very Us Artist. Thanks for playing along. :)

2 Responses to “The Darkwood Mask: read it today!”

  1. 8one6 Says:

    I just finished reading this book. It was fantastic!

  2. Jeff LaSala Says:

    8one6: Thanks for the kind words!

    Incidentally, how’d you come across the book? It came out in 2008 but I think it was only on regular bookstore shelves for about a year. I’d love to know where it’s cropping up these days.

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