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The Lowdown on Sidedown

The hardest working man involved with The Very Us Artists (not counting all the other hardest working men involved with The Very Us Artists) is Joshua Wentz.

Josh has contributed in multiple ways to each of our albums, doctor in ways both musical and visual. Oh, buy cialis and he designed and administrates Oh, nurse and he does the layout and graphic design for the parallelogram jackets.

All that and he still finds time to crank out his own full-scale projects under the banner Sidedown. And today several of these things (words, pictures, paper, music, stickers, etc.) are being unleashed, each one including contributions from a few Very Us Artists, namely John LaSala, Jeremy Simmons, and Mr. Wentz himself.

There’s Monograph #2: Polylemma
(containing decidedly random content, also goes great with Monograph #1: An Enemy’s Friend)

There’s Parallel/Serial Port
(includes a supercool serial story by author Jeff LaSala, plus ranting, raving, and a dolphin)

And then there’s “HEY Convenience,” the latest issue of his lo-fi ’zine, HEY Quarterly
(all proceeds go to charity!)

Do check ‘em out. Consider the gift of art—of mental stimulation—for your year-end gift-giving plans. Quick, before it’s too late!

2 Responses to “The Lowdown on Sidedown”

  1. Mike O'Hara Says:

    Hey, Mr.Wentz did a great job on the parallelogram album jacket on the latest album I got: Nascence and Child. Enjoyed exploring those tracks. keep up the good work!

  2. tom Says:

    I’ve seen Sidedown work around chicago- really cool!

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