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The RPM Challenge

sickness com_comprofiler/task,userProfile/user,3075″> This February, VUA encourages musicians everywhere to participate in an exciting project called the RPM Challenge. You can read all about what that is here, but in short, it’s just a challenge to write and record an entire album in the month of February. The goal is to write 10 songs or 35 minutes-worth of music, burn it to a CD, and mail it in by the end of the month. You don’t need to create a production masterpiece. It is just a challenge to see if you can pull it off.

While some of us (see who!) will be doing our own solo albums for RPM, this year The Very Us Artists will also be doing one…VUA-style. This album will be a bit different from our regular “Opus” albums, but it should be fun and relatively easy. When it’s over, we’ll post our album online for free download.

Here’s our page.

And here are the only two rules:

  1. Write and record one or more songs during February and send us your WAV file(s) by the 27th.
  2. Like other VUA albums, this will have a theme, but it’s very loose. The album will tentatively be called Roughly Produced Music, and all you have to do is make sure that the name of your piece is a feasible explanation of what RPM stands for. For example, “Remember Plastic Mustard?” or maybe “The Relentless Pursuit of Monkeys.” Beyond that, everything else about the music is up to you.

Want to contribute? Let us know!

If this whole RPM Challenge idea intrigues you, and you think you can do a whole album on your own and still submit a track for the VUA album, then go for it! We’ll promote your album right along with our own, starting by putting you on the VUA’s Challengees list, so let us know!

And hey, tell a friend!

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  1. John Says:

    Last February, I participated in the RPM Challenge. It was exhausting. But I got to thinking that if I could write and record an album in a month on my own (albeit with difficulty), I bet a whole group of us could come together to write and record an album in a month (with relative ease.) That notion, along with several others (including my experience working on various Sidedown projects), was thrown into a pot and brainstormed with Chris and Kate. One thing led to another and The Very Us Artists was born!

    This is a really inspiring and educational project. So to all musicians, whether amateur or pro, I say: do it!

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