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VUA: Back for Blood

While VUA has appeared to be in a state of protracted hibernation, website like this seemingly dead to the world by the casual observer, therapist there’s actually been a heck of a lot of activity going on in the den. And this beast will soon emerge, pharmacy hungry for action and ready to play.  And there will be blood music!

For starts, has been gutted and rebuilt from the ground up. It’s wearing the original skin designed by Joshua Wentz (albeit with a few nips and tucks here and there), but there’s a lot more functionality and fun to be had, thanks to Kevin Teague! A limited version is up and running right now, but one by one, new and/or revamped bits will be rolling out. Check back later. You’ll see!

William Ian Jaws

William Ian Jaws, Visual Approximation

But most importantly, I’d like to announce that William Ian Jaws—or Bilian, if you please—has joined us as a fellow Artistic Director. I’ve personally been working on music with Bilian since the late ’90s, but it’s been well over a year now that we’ve been working together on VUA. You’ll find his indelible stamp all over various projects in the works, and VUA’s output will be the better for it! But now it’s official. You heard it here first. World, say hello to William Ian Jaws.  Just be careful.  He bites!

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