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March 12th, 2008

GMOVJ Flight Test EP, diagnosis by Joshua Wentz, is a tribute album of a different sort. It’s an homage to his musical hero, Mike Oldfield, without including covers or pursuing an imitative style. It’s a clever trick if you can pull it off. And he did! You can buy the album for a little as $1, right here: GMOVJ Flight Test EP

Also be sure to check out Josh’s contribution to our album, “red+purple=magenta.”

THe Eight Year WarThe Eight Year War, a product of VUA co-founder Chris Torgersen’s solo project, Carpentron, is an album with a history full of changes in plan, much like its creator’s life and, subsequently, touched on by many of the songs’ lyrical topics. Perhaps even more so than the VUA album, much of music on this one is true to the notion of “roughly produced masterpieces.”

The whole album—plus a lot more free Carpentron music—can all be downloaded right here: The Eight Year War

clique-i is the first product of John LaSala’s new side project, clique: a musical experiment. Pieces of music were passed around to other RPMers, each asked to record something to go with it. A total of 19 tracks were put together, some of which worked well when played back with others, while others certainly did not! In the end, John created six surprisingly disparate mixes (with a seventh on the way!) from this material, and you can download them all here: clique-i

John also began composition of a solo piano piece inspired by his brother’s just-released novel, The Darkwood Mask. An excerpt of the piece, “Rebel, Patriot, Malefactor” can be found on Roughly Produced Masterpieces.

Year of the Comet by the unforgettable Darren Baker (one of John’s good old contacts) is a symphonic album dedicated to the transit of celestial objects through our solar system, and moreover how mankind ascribes such significance to things that are little more than clumps of celestial stone and ice. And yes, it actually sounds like it. That he pulled this off in less than a month nothing short of death-defying. You can download it all for free right here: Year of the Comet

If for some reason you’d prefer to download it in French, you can do that right here: Année de la Comète

If you’ve already heard VUA’s Roughly Produced Masterpieces, you’ve already been given a taste of this album, as “Rounding Perihelion Molniya (Casting Off Sparks)” is a particularly luminescent bit of this story which broke away and fell to Earth as a shooting star.

Chorine by VUA vet Piecey (a.k.a. Mr Glide, Nick P, half of Fine Excuses, and who knows what’s next) is in exercise in what he calls “self-plunderphonics,” plunderphonics being “any music made by taking one or more existing audio recordings and altering them in some way to make a new composition”. So, he totally ripped himself off. (Piecey, you can expect to see co-plaintiffs Nick P, Mr. Glide, and a team of lawyers from the Fine Excuses Corporation in court.) The result is a weird mesh of lo-fi, highly-unnatural, experimental, and yet surprisingly organic and listenable music. You can hear it all for free right here: Chorine

Plus, for a great laugh, check out his (as Mr. Glide) “Ricky Plays Music,” track 7 off Roughly Produced Masterpieces. You’ll make like a hyena right along.

Transcend the Strange by New York composer/guitarist/rapper, Di.J. Noizepunk, is a collection of three pieces in which various strange sources were sampled and manipulated to create groove-oriented jams that have a contemporary music flavor to them. You can hear them all right here: Transcend the Strange

Additionally, “Raga Profound Magic,” the fifth track on our own RPM album was also created by Di. J Noizepunk, one of the few men crazy-yet-skilled enough to go classical Indian and electronica armed merely with a plastic toy guitar for an axe.

Spirit, by beyond-world music extraordinaire Michelangelo, is an album to behold. Why “beyond”? This isn’t your run-of-the-mill world music, (not that there’s anything wrong with that….) Michelangelo takes didjeridus, jaw harps, guitars, flutes and all manner of percussive instruments to a place beyond what most people would think of as world music…while somehow still feeling perfectly at home as a part of it. The whole world is home to Michelangelo’s music, and it’s as if the whole word has had a hand in creating it. Have a listen to this new album, Spirit, and all that convoluted prose may actually make sense.

For the time being, the Spirit tracks can only be heard on Michelangelo’s RPM profile page, under the music, etc. section. Watch this space for when that changes.

As a bonus, Michelangelo whipped up a fiery-fluted musical triptyche called “Razi/Paulo/Mandisa” for our own RPM album. Watch out. It’s hot!

Rising from the Deep, an album by Thee Crumb…: Rising from the Deep

Also, “Rodents Probed Melanie.”

Exceptional Ruin, by Vivian Circle…: Exceptional Ruin

Also, “Return of a Popular Mister.”

Rock n’ Roll Party on the Moon, by HAIRWOLF…: Rock n’ Roll Party on the Moon

For the time being, the Rock n’ Roll Party on the Moon tracks can only be heard on HAIRWOLF’s RPM profile page, under the music, etc. section. Watch this space for when that changes.

Also, “Role-Playing Master (for Gygax).”