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We Cut A Record

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This past February, the Very Us Artists hatched a diabolical scheme with a like-minded fellow named Ross Horsley.  This ne’re-do-well perverts good, wholesome children’s illustrations from a simpler time into post-modern strokes of blue humor and black comedy.  The nefarious deed is made all the worse by labeling his mischief with the innocuous moniker, My First Dictionary.  How quaint.  How unassuming.  How devious.  And frankly, we love it!

For example:

Today's word is schemeBut that wasn’t enough.  We couldn’t leave well enough alone.  We got the sick notion in our collective mind that these naughty “definitions” ought to be further demonstrated through song.  And so, My First Sing-Along Dictionary was born.  10 songs, each paired with a new bit of lexicographical roguery crafted by Ross Horsley, for your questionable pleasure. For free.

It begins innocently enough with “The Very Us Artists Have Cut A Record,” and every few days a new song will roll out until it culminates with an unspeakable end a few weeks later.  Fun for the whole family!  Well…maybe not the whole family.

Here are 5 ways to follow along:

The Very Us Artists dot Com! Keep an eye on My First Sing-Along Dictionary’s home,

AlonetoneVisit this album’s home away from home at Alonetone (a damn fine place for musicians.)

If you do the RSS thing, subscribe to My First Dictionary here or just pop in every few days.

Facebook! If you do the Facebook thing, go and “like” the My First Dictionary fan page over there.

Facebook! And while you’re at it, get some likin’ on at The Very Us Artists fan page, too! Each song will be posted over there, as well.

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