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VUA Missions

Q: Uh...what's VUA Missions?

A: Sometimes VUA will team up with someone else and go on a sort of mission, a collaborative excursion which challenges us to create music beyond the bounds of our status quo, for reasons we might not otherwise fall into. These oddballs are VUA Missions. Impossible, you say? Hardly.

My First Sing-Along Dictionary Foreshadows: The Ghosts of Zero

The Opus Albums

Q: Then what are Opus Albums?

A: The Opus Albums (or the Opera, if you will), make up the main body of VUA’s efforts. Each album follows a theme....

Opus 1. No 1 Opus 1 No. 2

The WoO Albums

Q: So....what's a WoO?

A: Werke ohne Opuszahl, literally, "works without opus-numbers." Or Without Opus, as you please. These are those albums which are not a part of—for one reason or another—the scheme of VUA's Opus Albums.

WoO alpha WoO beta