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"This Song Is Anonymous (We Do Not Know Its Name)" by ButterflyPolite

a bonus track from the album My First Sing-Along Dictionary

Andy Jenkinson: played, wrote and sang
Sarah Marshall: sang
Richard Smith: three lines of lyric

"Once the VUA/MFD collaboration that produced this album had officially wrapped, the project junkies in charge decided to go back for one more fix. A caption competion was held, and one Mr. Richard Smith (suspiciously of MFD lexicographer Ross Horsley's hometown!) submitted the winning caption. Now, we couldn't just leave it dangling there without a tune, so VUArtist Andy Jenkinson stepped up to the plate and volunteered his band, ButterflyPolite, to record this song.  And they lived happily ever after."John LaSala

“How could I pass up the opportunity to return to Ross's innocent yet sinister world of My First Dictionary? With its blend of one-part-innocence to one-part-sinisterness, it is much like an English seaside resort out of season. Sarah came along too, as she deserved a holiday” —Andy Jenkinson

Andy thanks Richard for the definition and VUA and Ross for words of encouragement.

Have a listen: Listen

A boy scout out beside the camp fire's anonymous.
We do not know his name.
We should ask him; he can play our games and become one of us.
Can we guess his name?
Is it Richard?
Is it Rudy, Reginald, Rupert or Renton, Raymond, Randolf or Dave?

Can you guess his name?
What's his name?
What's his name?!

An old lady standing at the bus stop's anonymous.
We do not know here name.
We could ask her; she shouldn't be ashamed she's not as young as us.
Can we guess her name?
Is it Ethel? Is it Eunice, Eliza, Elvira, Elaine, Esther, Eve or plain old Jane?

Can you guess her name?
What's her name?
What's her name?!

If fifteen lonely minutes of personal fame
Is all we can claim, when we see what's in it for us,
Who can blame us for being famous regardless,
Even for the wrong reasons?

See the people on the television; they are famous.
Some are household names.
We're curious why they're notorious; notoriety has variety.
Play along with us and try to guess their fame.
Are they actors, musicians, sportsmen, politicians, murderers, rapers' victims or insane?

What's their fame?
What's their fame?!

The boy scout and the old lady are anonymous.
We do not know their names.
We will find out what they are on tonight's news.

What's his name?
What's her name?